XPilotNG Map Editor

XPilotNG Map Editor

XPilotNG Map Editor allows you to edit/manipulate your favorite XPilot NG maps
6.0 (See all)

XPilot NG is a multi-player 2D spacewar game. It is an extended version of XPilot, a true Internet classic. Like in XPilot, the aim of the game is to have fun and to beat your fellow pilots.
XPilotNG Map Editor allows you to edit your favorite XPilot NG maps. This map editor tool is distributed using Java Web Start. It requires JRE 1.4 or later.

If you cannot use Java Web Start for some reason, you can just download jxpmap.jar and run it with java -jar jxpmap.jar.

The editor includes the BeanShell scripting engine, which allows you to use scripts to manipulate the map.

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